Portrait Photography Investments

Looking to have your portrait taken or maybe you're looking for someone else? Either way, I'm glad you've found me! I offer a variety of portrait sessions in-studio and on-location!


Portraits for everyone no matter where they are on their life journey. Let me showcase YOU! For portraits I offer:

  • Engagement Portraits
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Senior Portraits
  • Individual Portraits
  • Newborn Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Maternity Portraits
  • Equestrian Photography
  • Boudoir Portraits
  • Dance Portraits
  • Glamor Portraits
  • Business Portraits

Engagement Portraits:

Engagement session investments start at $450 ($400 if you've booked your wedding with me already!) which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. I'll give ya advice on what to wear, beautician referrals as needed, &location-tips that never disappoint! During the shoot, I do give a certain amount of direction (don't you worry!), but once I got your bods posed at the most flattering angle to my camera & I've given your hands something to do (that's always the problem area, isn't it?) we'll start goofin' off, chatting away, and playing ridiculous little prompt games I've developed over the years. My process generally never fails to get all the candid portraits that'll make you feel all the love between you two!

Want to actually hold, touch, and decorate with your portraits? Extend into my luxury packages that include heirloom products that make paper-fanatics (like me...) weak in the knees! There's truly nothing quite like printing your portraits & having them on display in your home!

Bridal Portraits:

Bridal portraits are great if you're afraid your wedding timeline is too tight to get all the images you'd like, you don't have time to hit all the locations you'd like on your actual wedding day, or if the weather was less than desirable on your wedding day! These sessions can take place before OR after the wedding (if after, often the following day or week). Put the dress back on (& suit if you'd like more portraits with your hubby too!) and we'll trapeze about creating your dream wedding gallery. Bridal sessions start at $450 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files.

Senior & Individual Portraits:

Senior portrait investments start at $450 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. If you want more from your experience than just being able to check it off your to-do list, inquire about my luxury senior portrait package which include professional-grade products & prints! All my senior portrait sessions are all about showing your unique personality, what you've accomplished so far (dance, sports, painting - you name it; we'll include it!), and also setting you up with some great portraits you'll be able to use on resumes etc. as you start finding your career path (if you haven't already found it!). Camera-shy or not, I'll create portraits in-studio and/or on-location for you that you'll love! Just be sure to tell me which side is your "best side" if you have a preference. :P Mine's my left!

Newborn Portraits:

Newborn portrait investments start at $475 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. You can have your session in the comfort of your own home or in my studio which is about 2 minutes from downtown Waukesha. In-home sessions are more like lifestyle sessions and I let you guys cuddle & coo over your baby as you normally would, where as in-studio we'd do more posing & wrapping of the baby with different backgrounds & setups. (Inquire to see my Lookbook! I have a collection of props & fabrics for you to choose from for your newborn's portraits!)

While I go for classic, timeless portraits at both sessions, I'd say that in-home is more documentary & candid while in-studio is a little more clean (*insert house-cleaning post-kids joke here haha*) & minimalistic. Newborn sessions are highly baby-driven so they typically involve a decent amount of time spent soothing, feeding, & posing. Patience is key! However, if we happen to have a good sleeper, we can definitely fly through the session!

*When other little ones and/or furbabies are involved, I do recommend having a family member or friend take them off our hands once their contribution to the portraits are over.

Family Portraits:

Family portrait investments start at $500 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. Together we can coordinate you & your little rascals' outfits (if you have any kiddos - I don't discriminate against fur babies or empty-nesters whose children can dress themselves now haha!), pick a location (in-studio, on-location, or in your own home!), and figure out what you vision is for the final images! If you have some empty walls or a coffee table that needs an album, perhaps a luxury family session with products included would be more appropriate for you. During the session I capture the traditional posed n' smiling portraits as well as those candids prompted by inside family jokes n' whatnot. New families or old - I believe all should be photographed for the family archives!

I also offer extended family portrait packages which are very flexible! We can have a session geared towards getting "that one" giant, heirloom family portrait with everyone & call it a day. Another great option is to have an extended family session with that great, all-encompassing family portrait as well as each nuclear family grouping. You tell me what your portrait goals are!

Maternity Portraits:

You're literally growing a little human! How does that milestone NOT deserve a couple portraits to capture that baby bump & pregnancy glow?! Maternity portrait investments start at $450 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. Before the session I'll help you choose what sort of outfits will show off your baby bump best & can give beautician referrals as needed. A little extra pampering is always nice while pregnant, right?! Maternity sessions are also very flexible! You can pick when & where you'd like the session to take place. Some mothers prefer itty bitty bellies for pregnancy announcements and others want to remember how big baby grew and have their portrait session just a few weeks before their due date. We can have the session in-studio, on-location, or in your own home! You can also choose if you'd like your partner to join you...add any fur babies...you get the idea! We'll make sure we create portraits perfect for remembering this special time!
*If you'd like to add other children you can book a family portrait session starting at $500.

Equestrian Photography:

Delafield Equestrian Photographer

Equestrian photography is definitely one of my favorite genres of photography! The elegance. The drama. The connection between rider & horse. I try to soak it all up and pour it into a well-rounded equestrian portrait gallery. Equestrian portrait sessions start at $450 and we can photograph at your stable (with permission) or at some other private property of your choice! The session fee includes time spent shooting & editing of the final portraits which (you'll be happy to hear) includes not only retouching for the rider but also paying special attention to the horse's ears, tail & stance. I offer proofing galleries for all my equestrian portrait sessions so that we can make sure you're receiving the best poses possible!

Boudoir Portraits:

Boudoir session investments start at $450 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. Have a boudoir session done whether it's for yourself or someone special. I offer "Bedless" Boudoir in my studio (join my women-only boudoir group on facebook for examples of what I mean - there's a lot you can do without a bed!), otherwise in-home sessions or renting out a studio with a bed is most common. (Rental fees aren't included in the session fee.)

Before the shoot, I have alllll the tips & tricks to get you ready for your strong n' sexy portraits! The shoot itself isn't as scary as you might think - it's basically like "girl time" (just with abnormal attire & a camera haha!) with your favorite music playing as we laugh through all the booty-poppin' & back arching poses. & Don't worry, I always gotcha covered with plenty of pose ideas. Post-session you'll receive a private proofing gallery where you'll be able to select your favorites. Depending on the package purchased or if you'd like to add on products, I do frequently design "little black books" for your man, or order fine art loose prints for you to keep or gift to your significant other as you wish!

*Some images censored for public viewing.

Dancer Portraits:

Dance & ballet portrait investments start at $450 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. I'm sure you've spent countless hours perfecting your art of dancing so freezing your accomplishments in a tasteful, timeless portrait only seems appropriate! Portraits can take place in-studio or on-location and if you bring your "A"-game, I'll bring mine!

Glamor Portraits:

Glamor portraits becauseee... well, tell me a reason why not?? At glamor sessions you get to dress up, get pampered, and have a positive, bolstering experience while I create killer portraits of you looking your best at this point you're at in your life! You've probably already purchased an amazing dress, wore it maybe a handful of times, and you have what to show for it? A crappy cell phone picture at a random event? Glamor sessions start at $450 which includes a proofing gallery where you get to select your final images & digital files. Let's slip that gown back on and create some portraits with attitude, classic beauty, & a pair of sparkling eyes.

Headshot & Commercial Photography:

When was the last time you updated your business headshot? The rule thumb is every two years (or maybe every longterm hairstyle change? haha ;P ) so if you haven't had a new one in that amount of time you should probably contact me. Headshots are so important because often times they're someone's first impression of you. Whether it's on your profile on LinkedIn, on the back of a book or album, on your company's website, or it's your promotional headshot for your modeling or acting career, it can be the first glimpse someone ever has of you! Make it a great one! I can basically guarantee that people will always associate better things with a carefully curated headshot than a mediocre one.

I can help you pick out your outfits, give you hair & makeup artist referrals, and other tips & tricks before you come for your session. I mainly photograph headshot sessions in-studio, but I do travel on-site for an additional fee or for large groups if companies would like to have their whole workforce taken care of. Headshots start at $125 with 3 retouched digital files included. The shoot typically lasts about 30 minutes and are held on weekdays with start times between 9am and 4:30pm. If you need a different time slot, sometimes I can be flexible with an evening session on a weekday.

If you need more than 3 digital files and are looking for more full or half body crops, I also offer personal branding sessions starting at $450 with more outfits, more time, and more digital files. Please inquire for further details!