Folio Box

Featured here is a folio box which is a perfect way to display your artwork! This folio box in particular contains ten 5x7 portraits (each matted to be an 8x10). I love folio boxes because they're so versatile! Perfect for the indecisive framer if you want to swap out photos frequently. Also, since they're all ready-to-frame, it's a great beginning of a gallery for filling in around larger pieces or go another route and hang them all together as a grid gallery. No wall space? Take them down from the wall & display simply on a little wood easel on a book shelf or desk. When you're not in the mood to show off your amazing photos (like that happens, right?), keep them contained in the handmade heirloom box on your coffee table. Break them out again for perusing on a rainy day when you want to relive the moments or for when family visits! If grandma or grandpa falls in love a photo & you decide that you have more than enough to share, part with one or two and still have plenty for left over for your own home! 😊

Do one or all the above and enjoy knowing that you have archival prints that will last a lifetime (or two) without fading. Artwork like this is meant to last! 😊👌

P.S. Other image & mat sizes are available and come in boxes of ten, twenty, or thirty portraits. Boxes are handmade a wide variety of fabric options and the ability to emboss one or two lines of text!