Professional Prints - Framed or Loose - Classic & Traditional

Allow me to take your digital file on that dusty USB drive in your desk and convert it into a classic piece of wall art! Tell me which portrait to check over & refine (all images sent to print are checked over and properly prepped for enlarging), choose from a few select frames and matting options, and leave the rest up to me! And let me tell you... these professional prints are gorgeousss! Made from 100% cotton papers, these prints are stunning & will last a few generations at least! Since they're made of 100% cotton paper, their lifetime is placed around 120-140 years without signs of aging. (Most general-public labs' and even quite a few professional labs' prints may only have great coloring for ~40 years - much less than your standard lifetime!) With my printing services, you have two paper options - one with a subtle sheen & another that gives your portraits almost a watercolor look! All prints come mounted so that they won't bend (except for the extremely large ones!) & are ready for framing (or, like I said, you can frame through me as well!). If you decide to go with a deckled edge (a torn edge on the watercolor-esque paper as shown in the first few photos) those deckled prints are unable to be mounted, but I'd recommend framing them right away or getting them matted right away so that they don’t get damaged from handling.

Be present in your photos and print your photos! Why leave your prized portraits on a device that may become irrelevant as technology advances or even break? Anyone can view a printed photo but when was the last time you were able to use a floppy disk, a CD, or even a USB (I see you, Ipad-users)? ;)