Hardcover Book - Personal & Unique Stories

Ahh! Quality, simplicity, & affordability all in one! I always get a huge sense of completion after I design & print one of these beautiful books for my portrait clients! Displayed here is a 10x10 book with a grey linen cover with a cameo cut-out! These hardcover books come with your choice of leather, linen, and fabric options (I have swatches for you to choose from!). The photos are printed on a glossy lustre paper and the pages themselves are fairly stiff, but not quite as heavy-duty as albums are. Also, they’re not quite as archival as my fine art albums, but they’re still a wonderful way to store your portraits & memories without breaking the bank. They are priced by the spread (a spread is from end to end when you open a book) and are available for all portrait sessions (weddings excluded) like senior portraits, family portraits, baby pictures & more! There’s nothing quite like paging through your entire photo session in a tangible way! :)

P.S. Other sizes are available as small as 6x6 and as large as 11x14! Perfect for any budget! There are also a few different cover options like the cameo cut-out pictured above as well as embossing for names, dates, n' the like.