One of my favorites! This reminds me of the folios that your grandparents' wedding pictures would be in and placed on their shelf for display! To me, this is a classic way to showcase your artwork on a mantel, desk, dresser, etc. This one shown here is a bi-fold with 5x7 pictures, but they're also available in tri-folds & quad-folds and in a variety of image window & folio sizes. They are handmade with museum-grade mats & prints along with fine linens & silks. Incase you don't want a full-blown wedding album, this is a simpler way to have a few professional prints made that still tucks away like a book.

I could envision printing a tri-fold with a picture of the bride & her girls on one side, one of the groom & his fellas on the other side, and a portrait of the newly weds in the middle. Already married? Babies on the way or children already in the picture ( ha...ha... punny me... :P )? How about a tri-fold with a picture of momma & babies on one side, daddy & kiddos on the other, with a full family portrait to take the center!